MAN AT3 [Mapping]

The National Archeological Museum in Madrid is undergoing a total renovation. Sanz Serif is collaborating in the project with the design of the informative cartographies and timelines in the galleries. Even though the museum will not open until late in the spring of 2013, some of the maps are already done and you can take a look at a new photo gallery here

There is still a lot of work to be done.. more than 60 maps!


Blood [Infographics]


Last summer I was asked to draw a couple of figures for a scientific manuscript and I thought it was a fun thing to do. The paper, entitled "How I treat plasma cell leukemia" by authors Niels W. C. J. van de DonkHenk M. Lokhorst, Kenneth C. Anderson, Paul G. Richardson, was accepted by the prestigious Blood journal and now it is available for free on its website. Blood is a peer-reviewed medical journal published by the American Society of Hematology, with an impact factor of 10.558 in 2010. 

Take a look at the figures I made, 2 and 5 in the manuscript, here!


Victor Sanz (MAUD '11) is a company man [Harvard GSD news]

From GSD News:

In the early 20th Century, the founder of the Bata Shoe Company combined American methods of factory management with the European ethic of communalism to realize a vision of more efficient working and living conditions. Victor Sanz (MAUD '11) begins his odyssey to visit the global network of Bata towns with a GSD Druker Traveling Fellowship, and shares notes of his travels with the Canadian journal On Site Review 27: rural urbanism and with us. Read "In the image and likeness. Batawa: notes on an exported blueprint in southern Ontario."

The Batawa essay is one of two by Victor Sanz in the current On Siteissue. The other, "Resex: the entropic landscape of the Amazon basin," is the continuation of research done during the GSD seminar "Resource Extraction Urbanism."


Essay of the week. Onsite Review [Publication]


SAP in PLOT [Publication]

The theory section of the Buenos Aires based PLOT Magazine featured the South America Project (SAP) in its most recent issue (number 7). The magazine presents an overview of the SAP conference held at GSD last October and highlights the work in progress of the research network.

"En octubre de 2011, en el Graduate School of Design de Harvard se lanzó "The South America Project (SAP): Hinterland Urbanisms" organizado y curado por Felipe Correa y Ana María Durán, con la colaboración de Víctor M. Sanz.... En las siguientes paginas se presentan la mayoría de las propuestas de los participantes del SAP, a desarrollarse durante este año y el próximo."

"In October 2011, the Graduate School of Design at Harvard launched "The South America Project (SAP): Hinterland Urbanisms" organized and curated by Felipe Correa, Ana Maria Duran with the collaboration of Victor M. Sanz.... In the following pages are most of the proposals of the participants of SAP, which will be developed during this and the following year ."
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