Sanz Serif, a makeshift nickname earned as a result of my typographic likes, is the umbrella under which I present the diverse facets of my work: academic research on architecture and urbanism, design speculations, graphic design, curatorial and editorial work, and writings developed individually or collaborately, in institutional settings or independently.

Current focus: Workscapes.

EDU / Teaching

Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft
Master level. Area: Urbanism

European Post-Master in Urbanism (EMU)
Research and Design Studio Urban Region Networks: 'Automation and the Changing Landscape of Work, a Strategy for the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam-The Hague', Fall semester 2017-2018 – Studio teacher w/ Roberto Rocco.

Master of Science Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences, Urbanism track
Graduation Studio Urban Fabrics, Chair of Urban Design: Theory & Methods 2017-2018 – Master thesis supervisor.
Graduation Studio: 'A City of Coming and Goings', Chair of Design as Politics 2016-2018 – Master thesis supervisor. 
Research and Design Studio: Socio-Spatial Processes in the CityQ2, 2016-2017 – Guest lecturer.
Research and Design Studio: Analysis and Design of Urban FormQ1, 2015-2016; Q1, 2016-2017 – Guest lecturer.

EPS, Universidad San Pablo CEU (Madrid, Spain)
Master level. Area: Landscape architecture

'Green Infrastructure Plan for Madrid', Spring 2013 – Guest lecturer.

Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Master level (post-professiona). Area: Urban Design

'Resource Extraction Urbanism', Spring 2011 – Teaching Assistant (Instructor: Felipe Correa)
Elements of Urban Design Fall 2010 – Teaching Assistant (Instructor: Rafi Segal).

'Between Promise and Performance: The Global Footprint of the Flower Industry along the Equator', Spring 2010 – Teaching Assistant (Instructor: Felipe Correa).

Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid
Bachelor level.  Area: Architecture

'On the Road', Architecture Core Studio 1/3 Spring 2009 – Teaching Fellow (Professor: Luis Fernández-Galiano)
Architecture Core Studio 3 Fall 2008 – Teaching Fellow (Professor: Luis Fernández-Galiano)