Sanz Serif, a makeshift nickname earned as a result of my typographic likes, is the umbrella under which I present the diverse facets of my work: academic research on architecture and urbanism, design speculations, graphic design, curatorial and editorial work, and writings developed individually or collaborately, in institutional settings or independently.

Current focus: Workscapes.

PAR / Platform Architectures


Details of the "Ransome Unit System" from Ernest L. Ransome and Alex Saurbrey's Reinforced Concrete Buildings, 1912.

"Despite much talk on the future of work, these emerging platform architectures—the spatial conditions and typologies resulting of converting labor-intensive industries and services to capital-intensive ones by adopting digital technologies and related platforms—are far from the architectural imagination."


Read Platform Architectures in Positions, an essay on workscapes, technological innovations and the production of architecture. 

Positionsan initiative by e-flux Architecture, is a rhetorical space for claims to be made, risks to be taken, and experiments to be rigorously conducted. A platform for the most challenging, provocative, and critical texts being written in the field of architecture today.

Previous authors published in Positions include: Andreas Angelidakis, Andrea Bagnato, Keller Easterling, Ross Exo Adams, Samia Henni, Nicholas Korody, Reinhold Martin, V. Mitch McEwen, Shannon Mattern, and Douglas Spencer.

Nick Axel
Nikolaus Hirsch
Anton Vidokle

See also: ALA / Automated Landscapes, LOU / Lights Out!, and APM / FutureLand.