Sanz Serif, a makeshift nickname earned as a result of my typographic likes, is the umbrella under which I present the diverse facets of my work: academic research on architecture and urbanism, design speculations, graphic design, curatorial and editorial work, and writings developed individually or collaborately, in institutional settings or independently.

Current focus: Workscapes.



WBL Graphic design: Hans Gremmen


More than forty years after Constant’s New Babylon, the architecture of full automation is currently being implemented across the Netherlands, from the country’s main port in Rotterdam to its productive hinterlands. If in New Babylon there was only play, the territory of the Netherlands could be seen as its counterpart: a productive Cartesian landscape, designed for unprecedented efficiency. Behind this apparent banality, a machinic, data-filled beauty reveals itself—but only on screens in the control rooms inside the contemporary office, from where automated spaces are controlled and monitored.

#OFFICE is one of the exhibitors invited by the curator of Work, Body, Leisure, the official Dutch presentation at the 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture.

Opens on May 26, 2018, and runs through November 25 2018. More images soon.

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